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NERC CIP v5 Benchmark Survey

It only takes 5 minutes using this free online tool to find out how your utility compares to others in the industry when it comes to NERC CIP v5 preparation.

2015 Utility Industry Survey Results

Surprising source of power outage notifications revealed. Download a copy of the results from the Outage and Restoration Management survey.

Reduce Outage Time, Increase Operational Efficiency, and Improve Grid Reliability

Grid Optimization Experts Who Can Envision, Architect and Implement

Predict Blue Sky Outages and Restore Storm Outages Quicker

Domain Expertise in Grid Reliability and Outage Management

    Electric, Water & Gas

    Exclusive focus on the utility industry. Learn more

    Transmission, Distribution, ISO & RTO

    Standard and tailored solutions that address business, IT and OT needs. Learn more

    IOUs, Municipals & Coops

    Right sized approach for utilities with unique differences and challenges. Learn more

    Grid Reliability

    Reduce outage time, increase operational efficiency, and improve grid reliability. Learn more

    Grid Management

    Improve equipment tracking, replacement planning, maintenance scheduling and workforce allocation. Learn more

    Grid Security

    Solve NERC CIP challenges, achieve compliance and implement organization wide. Learn more

    Grid Transformation

    Grid Transformation for the 21st Century Utility entails new and significant layers of business, technological and social challenges for a utility’s key stakeholders. Learn more


    Manage and plan data strategy to turn data into actionable intelligence. Learn more


    Align IT investment and strategic initiatives with measurable outcomes. Learn more


    Employ utility industry experts for project and program management with a consistent definition and approach. Learn more


    Meeting client needs throughout the project lifecycle Learn more

    Engagement Options

    Close skills and resources gaps to enable the achievement of business, technology and operational goals. Learn more

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